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May 17, 2007

"There's nothing that this man doesn't do!"

Speaking of all things Spanish and Dangerous, I don't share YouTube videos every day, but this one was just too good to ignore. Regular readers know that Salvador Dali is my favorite artist, but even though I've read a couple of biographies I'd never known that he had appeared on the 1950s TV show "What's My Line?" -- much less that the episode could be watched on YouTube. (Link here.)

The panelists are quite confused by Dali, because his answer to nearly question is "yes," and it drives them crazy. In exasperation, one finally asked "Is there something unusual about our guest?" (The answer, of course, was another "yes.")

In fairness to the panelists, Dali was one of the first performance artists, so when he answered "yes" to whether he was a performer this may have made them think in too linear a manner.

Eventually, they figure him out.

It's hilarious. A real treat.

(Of course, I'm biased in favor of the guest.)

UPDATE: A reader just emailed me about the Dali video, and says he saw it at Megan McArdle's blog. Her title?

Wow. Just. Wow.
Exactly right.